What is an Upsell?

An “Upsell” occurs after a customer has purchased a product from your store. They will see a recommendation for other items to purchase based on whether you have different products with the same campaign available on your storefront. For a standard upsell, you can set a discount amount within any campaign page.

Additionally, there is a chance the customer will see an “in-cart upsell”. This recommendation occurs when the customer adds an item to their cart and is also based on having different products with the same campaign. We will show the first non-apparel item that the buyer does not have in their cart already. Sellers can weight which items will be available to the buyer by dragging them up and down in the designer view.

For example, in campaign we have:


White Mug 11 oz

Pillow 16x16

If buyer choose apparel, they will see mug. If they already have a mug in cart, they will see the pillow. Note that black and white mugs and different size mugs are considered different products.

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